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I’m a Cambridge based painter, using essentially acrylics but sometimes mixed media if the subject or size dictate. Faced with life’s challenges, I have to understand the importance of art for my wellbeing. I simply cannot live without that feeling of commitment towards this creative process. 

In my exchanges with other fellow artists , I often refer to art as ”air to breathe” or as a ”mean to achieve out true potential”. Whether it be painting or music ( electric & bass guitar ) , my artistic endeavours allow me to function and enjoy a sense of happieness.

My personal reciepe on how to develop art skills is easy… if you spend so many hundreds of hours doing something, you become and expert by defult. I believe in commitment and passion to art. When I bought my first set of good oil paints in Shepton Mallet in 2005, I had little knowledge of how to use them,  although I had been painting on oils for 3 years ! I set to and after many of hours of solitary commitment I become (just) proficient at creating depth with light and shadow. I needed to mess up (still do…) my canvas countless times to create something I wanted. Its continious learning process, where I touch that child – like – feeling of discovering the unknown as I form new shapes, colours and detail.

Over the years I have developed a keen appreciationof composision, learning how indicate the presence of objects, but my passion lies in the more expressive and spontaneous approach. It feels more rewarding.

My main artistic concerns are the sea and mountains. I also have a fascination  with skies, capturing cloud formations frequently on camera on my travels. I love the sunrise and sunset, which I express with vibrant hues of orange. I have been particularly  inspired by landscapes on the Canary Islands – each island offering something unique – but also around British coastlines which I adore.

I aim to achieve atmospheric light effects from sharp and dramatic contrast – warm against cold colours. I create sometimes what I would describe as literal collision between the sea and mountains – rocky volcanic formations crushed by waves. Then I might create  a gentle fusion, where the calm waves gently touch the sandy beach. This meeting of the forces of nature expressed through vibrancy of contrast and colour, is what  makes  my paintings recognisable –  my trademark I think. 

Closer to home in the city of Cambridge ( UK ), I get endless inspiration, as I walk along the Cam at the backs of the colleges, boats and punts meandering or stroll through the city streets and park buzzing with life and activity. I love to capture these scenes on canvas. 

I treat acrylics like watercolours and by adding flow improver, I achieve smooth washes and blends colours. You can see it the photo shown here, piece painted with reference in mind  from my original photo stocks.  I also enjoy using  a pallet knife. I find the increased texture more expressive and it leads to abstract twists in my work.



I have developed sense of audience. I intend the viewer to receive with the senses, the bright and vivid contrast in colour in my paintings, and in so doing experience an aura of positivety. I wish to make familiar connections with my audience and share enthusiasm for the creative process. I am also keen to tap into people’s everyday creative potential, of which they may be totally unconscious. 


At school, I didn’t seem too interested in art despite having some talent for it. It was not until I was 19, that I joined student art society in my home town, mainly spurred on the prospect of meeting girls ! In 2001 I hosted my first  art exhibition there ”THE ART OF MARCIN JACH”, while I was discovering the dystopian surrealism of  ZDZISLAW BEKSINSKI.  I found his art  depressive, ambient and yet so colourful inspired by artists like Hieronymus Bosh and J.M.V. Turner.

Beksinski for sure was that artist who made me want to be an artist. He triggered new feelings, and literally transformed every artistic idea that had gone before.  I was also inspired by the fact that he had no formal art education, and that cemented the idea that any of us can be artists. Beksinski didn’t developed his artistic language in schools, but rather was driven by his love and dedication for creative process.  This narrative allowed me to learn more about myself, my limits and etc.  

I was his ”copycat” of course, and although he will always be my master, I went on to be inspired by artists such as Monet, Whistler, Ruskin and the Pre – Raphaelities and eventuelly started to develop my own compositions , styles and subject matter as I turned to landscape painting, although I kept attention to detail and colour contrast buildings. 

I moved to the UK in 2005 and developed my techniques and expertise. In 2016 I had my debut exhibition in Cambridge at Newnham College and continioued to exhibit regulary ever since. I belong to an artist led group who organise exhibitions at the moment.



2016 Newnham College ( with Elzbieta Urbaniak )

2017 Guildhall, Cambridge. Polish Heritage Day. Group exhibition of Polish artists’s work.

2017 Newnham College. The Gathering – group exhibition of European artist’s work

2018 Guildhall, Cambridge. Polish Heritage Day. Group exhibition of Polish artist’s work.

2019 Millfield Community Centre, Peterborough. ART OUT – group exhibition

2020  St. John’s College, Cambridge. Art inspired by Adam Mickiewicz’s Pan Tadeus. Group Exhibition.