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One of the many pieces inspired by beautiful city of Cambridge, where I live from 2019. Reference photo by Martin Bond  – photographer behind Cambridge Diary project. This photo presumbly was taken during Festive season of Christmas 2021.  I really enjoyed working  with more atmospheric and yet colorfull composision

Acrylic on canvas finishead with gloss varnish.

Size: 50 x 40 cm


Acrylic on canvas finished with gloss varnish. Comes with black wooden frame.


Size: 40 x 40 (without a frame)


One of the oldest pieces shared on my website. It has been painted in 2011 and remain valid for my style. Also one of the first pieces in which I started study potential of purple pallete of colours.  

Acrylic finished with gloss varnish. SOLD but later end up to be in private collection as gorgeous customer become to be my future wife.


One of my favourite pieces of 2020 and probably my first intuitive landscape painted during UK lock down.  May appeal to fans of Magic: The Gathering card game.

Fascinating creative process which allow me to gain some experience with warm pallet of colours.

Acrylic on canvas finishead with gloss varnish .

Size: 50 x 40 cm

River Cam 

Based on the photo from my personal stocks. Isnpired by beauty of city of Cambridge. Those who live in Cambridge may seen this spot during walks to Chesterton area.  My personal breakthrough when it comes to usage of certain colours. 

Acrylic on canvas, finishead with gloss varnish.

Size: 30 x 20 cm


Gods & Taboos

Acrylic on Canvas  / Digital art

Design for second album be Senex IV – Suffolk based ghotic/punk rock group. 

Orginal piece is acrylic on square canvas.  Artwork has been digitally tweaked cool 

Original piece commissioned by the band.

Acrylic on canvas, finished  with gloss varnish.

50 x 50 cm

This piece become to be my first artwork destined to be album sleeve. Great album by the way. For music lovers who are into punk&ghotic rock.